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welcome to s o u l c r a f t


v. an activity that is nourishing to the soul

creative wellness... direct to your doorstep

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Each SoulCraft project box comes with all the materials you will need to make our art or craft project, our detailed online project guide and some special extras to aid your self care.

43.00 per month

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why subscribe to soulcraft? 


I'm so excited to receive your SoulCraft box every month! It's so relaxing to spend an afternoon on a craft project!

Irene in England

monthly subscriber

There are so many boxes to choose from! The journaling box is a favourite in our home!

Jenn in Canada

Journal in Deep

one off box

I just needed to tell you how awesome this project is! The best touch was the gently loved copy of the book! The amount of time you put into each box...

Lisa in Canada

October Special

one off box

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